Comprehensive Goal Bank for New York


Library of goals and benchmarks aligned with New York State Learning Standards, plus easy progress reports

To make creating IEPs faster and more accurate than ever, IEP Direct-New York includes a comprehensive library of goals and benchmarks aligned to New York State Leaning Standards.

This library was prepared with the assistance of recognized leaders in New York Special Education.

Teachers can view goals and benchmarks in the library and insert them in an IEP with a few mouse clicks.  You can take goals and benchmarks verbatim from the library, modify them, cut and paste statements from other programs – or create your own statements.  IEP Direct-New York gives you the power to tailor goals and benchmarks to reflect each student’s particular situation.

A school district can also customize, add and/or delete goals and benchmarks from the library as appropriate for district-wide use.

IEP Direct-New York also includes Progress Reports which meet New York requirements – and which you can generate in seconds with a few simple key strokes.